A Belated New Years Post

Apparently it’s mid-January.  When did that happen?  2013 is already flying by!

New Years sort of sneaked up on me this year.  Perhaps it’s because when the ball dropped at midnight I was snoozing in the car.  That’s right – Patrick and I decided on the spur of the moment to drive to Nebraska after work on New Years Eve instead of the following day– but that’s another story for another time (i.e. my next post).

Admittedly, this past December was pretty hectic, especially now that I work in catering and am required to spend the holidays working, which left only so much time for last minute holiday shopping and completing my 1000-piece Jiminy Cricket jigsaw puzzle (someone had to do it).  As you can see, there were few opportunities for pondering the implications of the upcoming year.

But now that it’s mid-January and all of the holiday hustling is officially over,  I’m finally ready to embrace 2013 and contemplate all its potential.

And I have to say, I do love New Years.  Not because I have a particular affinity for crazy, “unforgettable” (typically overrated) New Years Eve celebrations, but because I love all of the self-reflection that goes along with it.  I love the idea of a new beginning; a clean slate.  I love reflecting on the past year – the successes and failures, excitements and tragedies, how I’ve grown, how I can make the next year even better… and, let’s be honest, I love any excuse to make copious lists and fun plans. (See previous New Years posts hereherehere, and here.)

Many people I asked this year about New Years resolutions said they didn’t have any, either because they think they’re silly or because they’re apathetic.  But I really encourage everyone to make resolutions, even if it’s as simple as eating breakfast in the morning or cleaning out your inbox.  It’s a great opportunity to challenge ourselves, reinvent ourselves, and hold ourselves accountable for our goals, both short and long-term.  And it’s a convenient reminder for us to take a break from our busy lives and consider where we currently are, who we currently are, and whether we’re on track for where/what we want to be.

Last year I created a list of 10 goals for myself.  I don’t remember them all and I have since lost the scrap of paper I originally penned them on.  But here’s what I managed to recover from the cluttered depths of my memory:

1. Become conversational in Korean (I wouldn’t call myself conversational yet, but I did complete a Korean intensive summer language program in Seoul.. let’s call that a success.)

2. Visit a country I’ve never been to (Uruguay!)

3. Read at least 2 books a month (I fell short towards the end of the year… stay tuned for a future post on this.)

4. Run a marathon (Nope.)

5. Throw a dinner party (Yep.)

6. Participate in a flash mob (OK I didn’t think this would actually happen.  I just hoped it would, and it didn’t.)

7. Volunteer (I did a little community service throughout the year… sure…)

8. Get published in some form or another (This is still a work in progress.)

9-10.  No clue what these were, so let’s just say I accomplished one and didn’t accomplish the other.

So I didn’t accomplish everything, but I’m definitely OK with that.  Overall 2012 was an amazing year, mainly because of all the people I got to meet (both new and old faces) and the places I got to visit around the U.S. and overseas.  It was also a major transitional year for both Patrick and me, moving from DC to Chicago and starting a new school/job.

As for goals this year…

Being the keen observer you are, you may have already noticed that I am blogging from a brand new domain.  New year=new start=new blog.  My goal for this new blog is to post more frequently on a wider variety of topics – particularly photography and book/film/restaurant reviews.  I’ve also started working on a new food blog which I’m very excited to share with you – details to come later this week!

On top of blogging more frequently, I’m going to continue with my goals to read 2 books a month, become conversational in Korean, and visit a place I’ve never been to (hmm.. Canada?).

I’m looking forward to discovering what interesting stories, surprises, and accomplishments await us in 2013.  But first I should probably restock my refrigerator, take down the Christmas tree, and unpack my suitcase…

Happy (Belated) New Year!

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