Since the flood, we’ve been making daily trips to our apartment to pick up random items, everything from our camera cord to dishes to the food in our refrigerator.  We call these little adventures “scavenger hunts” since all of our things have become jumbled and our place is still an obstacle course of furniture and floor fans that we must weave in and out of.  Also the heat is cranked up high, the room is dark since our lamps have been unplugged and pulled away from the walls, and everywhere you turn, you are hit with a blast of hot air and the constant rumble of equipment.  It’s like the Hunger Games in there.


Or more like Tomb Raider.  Oftentimes when we go on these “scavenger hunts,” I can’t help but feel a little like Lara Croft on a mission to collect lost items (e.g. mouthwash or oatmeal) from exotic, abandoned ruins.

Tomb RaiderSource

My iPhone doubles as a torch light and check out my scavenger bags that always accompany me on such missions:


When I verbalized these thoughts to Patrick, he started laughing in my face.  It must be because of my lack of braid or English accent.

It doesn’t matter because, as I mentioned, the heat has been turned way up, so currently it feels like 100 degrees with a 100% humidity level.  That means that after spending as little as 5 minutes in there I inevitably start to sweat and breathe hard and feel remarkably un-Lara Croft-like.

Meanwhile back in our hotel room we’ve already established a mini-home.  Patrick has his computer monitor set up on the desk where he does his homework at night and I have the ironing board set up as a “kitchen prep” table where I’ve tenaciously resumed my cooking experiments (I may have “plundered” some essential pantry items the other day).  Look for some fun “hotel cooking” episodes later this week on my new cooking blog Edible Prose!

To get inspiration, I’ve had some fun Youtubing (is that an acceptable verb these days?) hotel cooking videos, many of which I don’t plan to use but I find highly entertaining.  Here’s one for instance of a guy making English muffins from scratch using an iron:

I’ve also stumbled upon some great hotel workout routines which I hope to put to good use later on this week. This one I found quite helpful, if not a little bizarre because of the presence of twins (I think it’s because they are doing two different things at once and you don’t know where to look).

When it comes to working out, however, you really can’t go wrong with some good quality Jillian Michaels advice.

I’m reminded of my first blog post this year when I wrote: “I’m looking forward to discovering what interesting stories, surprises, and accomplishments await us in 2013.”  Looks like 2013 is well underway!

Any other fun challenges we can put to use during our next week or so here?

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6 thoughts on “Scavengers

  1. Gunjan says:

    Hahaha…good going Monica, 2013 had some adventures and surprises for u in store already. Can u have a sense of what the year holds if the start has been like that.
    Well, your blog and such updates are preparing us well in advance what to look forward to and how to deal with it in the event of such happenings.

    Well termed “Scavenger Hunts”, you could also write a short story on this episode of your life.
    Il be your reader in advance 🙂

    • Monica says:

      Thanks again for the encouragement, Gunjan! 2013 has definitely been interesting so far. Hopefully you won’t ever have to go through the whole flood ordeal, but in case you do, at least now you know how to keep yourself entertained 🙂

  2. Mikala says:

    I can totally relate. They laid off everyone in our large work area except my one coworker and me, so we went “scavenging” for supplies at people’s old desks and work areas. We picked up a good haul – some post-its, clorox wipes, dividers, calculaters. We both got new chairs. I felt like the movie “I Am Legend” where we were the only survivors, foraging through the remains of people’s abandoned belongings.

    • Monica says:

      I’ve never seen “I Am Legend” but I can imagine a similar scene 🙂 Office supplies are the best kind of scavenger hunts… sounds like you really scored that day!

  3. Susan says:

    haha… Oh, how I love some good analogies – well done. You’re way more hardcore than Lara Croft, btw. 🙂 You and Katniss could do your hunting together – listening nervously for cannons and whatnot. (Uh oh, I could go on forever here…) I’m glad you’re making the most out of the hotel room. Yeah, that twin hotel workout thing is kinda freaky.

    • Monica says:

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure I saw an image projected into the sky of my JK Rowling book and my laptop power adapter the night of the flood as cannons went off in the background 🙂 And yeah… that twin video is definitely a little freaky as you said.. and it doesn’t help that it’s from a site called…

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