Meet Mandu

I always imagined when the day finally came to tell my husband I was pregnant, that it would be in some clever or cute way. Like presenting him a gift with a pacifier, rattle, or some other symbolic baby item inside. Or I’d make it a guessing game like in Full House when Becky tried to tell Jesse they were having a baby by preparing him a meal of baby shrimp, baby back ribs, and baby corn (anyone else remember that?).

It would have also been fun to throw him off-guard by casually slipping the news into a conversation – “No wine for me tonight – I don’t think it would be good for the baby…” – and then watch his reaction to see how long it takes him to pick up on it. All of these would have been splendid ideas. But when the crucial moment finally arrived last August, right after Patrick left for his first day at his new job, what did I end up doing instead? I did what every respectable 21st century wife would do… I sent him a text message.

At least it’s one step above the breakup text. What can I say? I was way too excited and anxious for cute games and clever tricks, and I couldn’t stand more than a few moments being the only one in the world with the knowledge of our baby’s existence.

A lot has happened since that fateful text. So without further ado, meet Mandu:

Baby Mandu 20 weeks

She is currently 22 weeks and approximately 12 ounces. She loves long naps, kicking her mother in the late mornings and late at night, and eating sweets (or at least making it harder for me to resist them).

“Mandu” (pronounced mahn-doo) is the Korean word for “dumpling” – a nickname we gave her at the start of the pregnancy.

We first laid eyes on her during our initial 8 week ultrasound. She was in what I like to refer to as her “bean” stage because she looked a lot like a bean with nothing but the tiniest stubs for arms and legs. She was wiggling these stubs around as if waving to me for the first time. It was the most adorable thing I had ever seen. Even more adorable than this baby koala:

baby koala

I may be a bit biased.

Although depending on how you look at her first sonogram, you may actually mistake her for a koala.  After all, the yolk sac connected to her head does look suspiciously like koala ears.

Mandu Koala Ear

But it’s comforting to know she’s looking a lot more human these days – though sleeping koala hours for sure. In fact, during our most recent anatomy scan a couple weeks ago, our appointment was booked for early in the morning when she was still fast asleep. When we first glimpsed her, she was lying on her belly with her spine up and her head resting peacefully on her arm. Adorable, but not ideal for taking measurements. We tried to get her to flip over onto her back by changing my position and gently prodding her, but she wouldn’t be bothered. The best part was when the doctor pointed out that she was smacking her lips in her sleep, which is exactly like her father.

After taking a short walk, we finally got her to turn over. It was also during this appointment that we learned some crucial information – Mandu is a GIRL! To be honest, I couldn’t see much (maybe that’s the point?) but I trust the doctor’s opinion on that one.

Though super exciting, this news was also a bit of an adjustment for me since I was 80% sure it was going to be a boy and had always referred to Mandu as a “he” up until that point. Although I did feel slightly less guilty for having subjected the baby to a good amount of Mariah Carey and Josh Groban while I worked.

Her official due date is in April 2015, and while we can’t wait to meet her, we are trying to take advantage of the time we have remaining with just the two of us.   Which mostly means getting as much sleep as possible.

More pregnancy details to come!

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5 thoughts on “Meet Mandu

  1. Aww loved reading this post so much! That Full House clip was hilarious, but I totally would have sent a text message in your shoes, too. There was no way I was keeping that news to myself for longer than a half hour tops! Mandu is the sweetest, and I love the koala comparison with the yolk sac. 🙂 The lip smacking discovery is so cool. Ahhh! As you know, we are so, so happy for you both! Can’t wait to meet her!

  2. Mikala says:

    You forgot one important detail. Who came up with the name Mandu?

    I WANT TO MEET HER ALREADY! Can you turn the cooker on high?

  3. I did the same thing! I had a whole board of stuff pinned to pick from for a unique way to tell hubby, but he came home 5 minutes after I got the positive test and I just blurted out “Good Morning Daddy!”.

  4. Your Brother says:

    I don’t remember the episode of Full House you’re referring to! Better get caught up on your contemporary family shows… Mandu is gonna think your behind the times 😊 haha! Great news- I enjoyed the read. Can’t wait to meet her!!

  5. Great post … love sweet Mandu! I, too, enjoyed your text message story. I’ll never forget how Adam doubted my reading of the pregnancy test … Him: “Well, I’m not sure; that’s a really faint line.” Me: “It doesn’t matter! It says ANY kind of line! Stop raining on my parade!” hahahaha

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